The NES Classic Edition has taken the video game world by storm - who would have thought people would be so excited to play 30 retro NES games?  If 30 games isn’t enough for you then you’re in luck because the NES Classic has been modded and is becoming the gaming emulator of your dreams featuring over 600 NES games (see the list of games included on a typical modded NES Nintendo Classic here!) as well as SNES, GBA and Sega Genesis titles.

The NES Classic Edition comes stocked with 30 of the most popular titles from the original console, but the selection varies a bit based on region. In the United States, the biggest big games include all three Super Mario Bros. titles, Metroid, Castlevania, and The Legend of Zelda. The obvious drawback of this device is that you get the games it comes with and that’s it — you can’t install new ones…. until now!  Though the NES Classic Edition is not designed to have writable memory beyond the game saves, modders have addressed this issue and now you can have all the classic games you can imagine.  This site links to several options if you'd like to purchase a Modded Nintendo Classic but if you'd rather try and mod the NES Classic yourself we offer resources for that also.

In addition to hundreds of additional games to play, another major benefit of a modded NES Classic is the addition of a RESET BUTTON COMBO.  On the original version you had to get up and reset the console every time you wanted to change the game. This problem is finally fixed on the modded NES Nintendo Classic - now you simply press a button combo on your remote and the system will reset itself back to the screen for choosing games.






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